Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Engineering process

Engineering Process

The engineering process is a process that the engineer use when building/ constructing things. When the engineers are building things they make plans and design, when they finish that they need to follow the steps of engineering process.

 After that they need to think about the criteria and constraint, so that they know what they need to use and what they don't need to use. And if they use the criteria and constraint it saves their time and they could get the work done quickly and that way the engineers could take more time to construct things with less problems and it makes the construction easier. 

When the engineers show their plans and design to their boss it is important to use scientific argumentation so that they don’t just claim and when the boss or someone ask for evidence, they should be ready to answer and should be able to give good explanation of the evidence. And lastly the engineers also need to use logic, but logic is not so important, but claim and evidence is important that they need to use it in almost every construction they do.

                 The next thing engineers need to do is collect the data and analyze the data